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KFC 50/50 Deals Prices – KFC 50/50 Special Menu Prices

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Looking for a budget-friendly meal deal? KFC 50/50 Deals may be just what you need! These offers feature a mix of fan-favorite menu items at a discounted price. Whether you’re dining alone or feeding a crowd, 50/50 KFC Deals Today offer great value for your money. Learn more about the available options and how to order them at your nearest KFC location.

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KFC 50/50 Deals Menu Prices

KFC 50/50 deals are a popular promotion where customers can purchase two different KFC menu items for a discounted price. The deal typically includes a combination of chicken pieces, burgers, fries, and drinks. The 50/50 refers to the fact that customers can mix and match any two items included in the deal. This allows customers to customize their meal according to their taste preferences and appetite.

KFC 50/50 Deals

The pricing of the 50/50 deals can vary depending on the location and availability of the promotion. In general, the deal is designed to be an affordable option for customers who want to enjoy multiple items from the KFC menu without spending too much money.

One popular variation of the 50/50 deal is the Streetwise Mix, which includes a mix of chicken, fries, and a drink. Another popular promotion is the Fill Up Box, which includes a burger, chicken pieces, fries, and a drink. These promotions are often advertised on KFC’s website and social media channels, as well as in-store and through promotional materials like flyers and coupons.

Menu Item Price
6 Pieces of Chicken $12
6 Hot Wings $6
Large Fries $4
Medium Gravy $1.50
2 Biscuits $2
Total $25.50

KFC Specials 50/50 Menu

Menu Item Approximate Price
6 pieces of Chicken $12.99
6 pieces of tenders $12.99
8 pieces of Hot Wings $6.99
Popcorn Chicken Combo (large) $7.99
Famous Bowl Combo (large) $7.99
Chicken & Sandwich Combo $9.99
2 Sandwiches & Fries $5.99
2 Big Crunch Combo $10.99
2 3-piece Chicken Combos $15.99
2 Can Dine $11.99

The 50/50 deals are a great option for families, friends, or individuals who want to enjoy a satisfying and affordable meal from KFC. They allow customers to enjoy their favorite KFC menu items in combination with others, without having to pay full price for each item separately. The deals are a popular choice for those who love KFC’s signature fried chicken, but also want to try other items on the menu.

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