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KFC Customer Care – Customer Care Complaints Number, Email Address

KFC Customer Care – KFC is a popular fast-food chain with millions of customers worldwide. If you have any issues with their products or services, their customer care team is always available to assist you. In this article, we’ll explore how you can get in touch with KFC customer care and the types of support they offer.

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KFC Customer Care

KFC has a dedicated customer care team to handle all customer queries, feedback, and complaints. The team is available via phone, email, and social media platforms. KFC believes in providing the best possible customer service, and they strive to respond to all customer queries and complaints within a reasonable timeframe.

KFC Customer Care

The customer care team is responsible for handling a wide range of customer-related issues, including food quality, service, delivery, hygiene, and more. They ensure that all customer complaints are addressed in a professional and courteous manner. The team is well-trained and equipped to handle all kinds of customer queries and complaints effectively.

Customers can contact KFC customer care through the following channels:

  1. Phone: Customers can call KFC’s customer care number to speak with a representative. The customer care number is available on the KFC website and can also be found on the receipts.
  2. Email: Customers can also email KFC customer care with their queries or complaints. The email address is available on the KFC website.
  3. Social media: KFC is active on various social media platforms, including Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Customers can reach out to KFC through these platforms with their queries or complaints.
  4. Contact form: KFC has a contact form on their website that customers can use to get in touch with the customer care team. Customers can fill out the form with their details and query, and the team will respond as soon as possible.

KFC US Customer Care Complaints Number :

Toll-free number at 1-800-225-5532

KFC US Customer Care Email Address:

KFC Customer Service UK:

Toll-free number at 0800 032 1611

KFC takes all customer complaints seriously and strives to address them promptly. The customer care team conducts regular follow-ups to ensure that customers are satisfied with the resolution of their complaints. KFC values customer feedback and uses it to improve their products and services continuously.

In addition to addressing customer complaints, KFC customer care also provides information about their products and services, menu items, pricing, and promotions. Customers can reach out to the customer care team for any queries related to KFC.


5 thoughts on “KFC Customer Care – Customer Care Complaints Number, Email Address”

  1. I experience bad service ever, numbers not accord to order, but if you are known it is faster, waited 1hr for an All Star order. Done at 14H25 till 15H16

  2. The service at Alice street in Durban is terrible. The verifones are not working and on one cashier. We can’t even use the self service. The staff member is rating his own service.

  3. To whom it may concern.
    Good morning

    Iam really hurt and dissapointed by the service I was given by the manager Jan Phalafala – KFC Bree yesterday around 18h15 till 17h00. I ordered 6 plain pieces, the cashier by the name of Tiny took my card n transaction was successful because 9 received an sms notification payment.
    The cashier and I waited for 3-4 mins for receipt, the she noticed her roll is out.
    She inserted a new one, no receipt fir my order payment came out but on me I got the sms for payment. She called the other lady by the name of Mellisa for assistance, Mellisa told me she “reversed my money and I must wait for 5mins so that we’ll be able to start a new transaction after I get the reversal-which I did not get.. I went back to the counter to inform no reversal came back, Mellisa told me she won’t be able to help me get my order “as I paid” because the receipt she got from the offline machine said Unsuccessful – meaning I did not pay but I have and showed them proof of payment notification…

    It’s in the evening, I’m traveling ans she insisted I must pay again. I asked her to call manager for me.
    The manager “Jan Phalafala came with an attitude, asking me what happened. I explained him.
    He insisted I must pay again,when I show him the sms for payment he, said” it means nothing cause on their side the machine printed unsuccessful ”
    With a stinking attitude again” Its either I wait 30 mins or an hour for the reversal notification as Mellisa said she reversed the money, I refused cause it’s late and I’m traveling.
    He said if I don’t pay then I will not get my order or I should come back tomorrow with Bank statement to show reversal if not so I will not get 6piece I ordered.

    I offered him to “asking if possible he take my ID and details – also for my work incase if they do closing sales, if their account will not balance, they must call me tomorrow which is today then I’ll sent someone to come pay fir me cause I’m not gonna pay again fir the same meal. He left me fir few mins, and came back telling me his manager said the company rules says they do not trust client – what if they give me the meat I ordered or refund me, what if they going to short on sales account.
    He insisted I must pay again or to walk away and come back with bank statements to check the reversal.
    Then left me on the scene.

    Desparate iam, it’s dark, time is ticking and I’ve been on the arqument with him fir almost and hour I paid again and received my order.

    Today it’s Monday the 18th of December, no sms of reversal money from them to me came in but I paid twice for one order.
    What drives me nuts is that he was not willing to help me with anything cause I paid, he told me to go away or pay again if I want the meat.
    He does not want trouble with such nonsense, kept saying what if we give you the meat you paid for and at the end they’ll be short with moneu cause Mellisa said she reversed the transaction.
    They do not trust customers because they don’t want to get in trouble with the company.

    Iam deeply hurt by such services given to client, especially him as the manager.
    After I paid again I asked his details-he expected maybe I will call him and update about the reversal,which I will not bother why as the manager did not ask my details fir follow up about the reversal or if their sales are over – to call me for a refund.
    Trust me that is one if the Baddest attitude and customer service I received.

    So until now I did not get the notification like they said I will fir the first transaction payment made.
    should i waste my time, money and energy to call him for follow up about the reversal or refund and go get bank statement and deliver it to him like he said to get what is mine?
    What, are his duties exactly as the store manager and if called for such matters?

    May you kindly please find investigate this matter, Jan Phalafala must be disciplined or be changed from Bree KFC branch because my family, friends and are regular customers there.

    I will appreciate much if the matter is investigated further, I get refund.
    I’m scared to waste my money, time and energy again to go Que at banks for statement, go to him as he insisted I must bring to get refund.
    My name is Ntswaki.
    Cell phone number 0767316607
    Work number 0119913600

    He refused to take all this details I offered to him to do a follow up.

    The Big question here is, if his yesterday sales closing accounts are over with the mkney I paid 2nd time, how iw he going to get hold of me for refund cause he refused to take my details, instead I took his?
    Thank you

  4. Bought a streetwise 5 this morning at KFC Warwick Pinetown and it was dry and hard. Tried to call no one is picking up
    Please do justice
    Zamile 0799554791

  5. Bought a streetwise 5 this morning at KFC Warwick Pinetown and it was dry and hard. Tried to call no one is picking up
    Please do justice
    Zamile 0799554791

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