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KFC Thursday Special Menu Prices – KFC Thursday Offer

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Looking for a mid-week treat? Check out the KFC Thursday special! With a range of delicious menu items at discounted prices, there’s something for everyone to enjoy. Whether you’re dining in or ordering for delivery, KFC’s Thursday specials are sure to satisfy your cravings.

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KFC Thursday Special Menu Prices

KFC offers a special promotion every Thursday known as the Thursday KFC Specials. This special deal varies by location but typically includes a combo meal at a discounted price. The meal usually includes the customer’s choice of a main item, such as chicken pieces or a sandwich, a side dish such as coleslaw or fries, and a drink.

KFC Thursday Special

The exact items included in the combo meal and the price may vary by location, so it is recommended to check with your local KFC restaurant to confirm the details of the promotion. Some locations may also offer additional discounts or add-ons, such as a free dessert or extra side dish, on top of the regular Thursday Special deal.

Here is an example of a possible KFC Specials Thursday menu and prices in table form:

Item Estimated Price Range (ZAR) Notes
2 Buckets for R139 R139
Choose 2 Streetwise Buckets (Zinger, Dunked, Hot & Spicy, or Original Recipe). Price reflects past promotions, might differ.
Family Feast Special R179-R199
16 pieces of chicken, 2 large chips, 1 gravy, 1 coleslaw, 4 mini rolls, 2 1.5L soft drinks. Past prices varied, expect a similar range.
Thursday Wing Deals: Varies
Discounts on individual Zinger wings, combos, or buckets. Past prices ranged from R40-R50 per wing individually, R120-R150 for combos, and R200-R250 for buckets.

It is important to note that these prices and menu items are just examples and may vary by location.

KFC Thursday Offer South Africa

  • 2 Buckets for R139: Choose 2 Streetwise Buckets (Zinger, Dunked, Hot & Spicy, or Original Recipe) for a discounted price.
  • Family Feast Special: Get a Family Feast (16 pieces of chicken, 2 large chips, 1 gravy, 1 coleslaw, 4 mini rolls, 2 1.5L soft drinks) for a lower price on Thursdays.
  • Thursday Wing Deals: Enjoy special discounts on individual Zinger wings, combos with wings and sides, or buckets of wings.
In conclusion, KFC Thursday Special is a great opportunity for KFC lovers to enjoy a discounted meal every week. With a variety of options, including the popular 9-Piece Bucket, customers can satisfy their cravings without breaking the bank. The affordable prices combined with the delicious taste of KFC’s signature fried chicken make for a winning combination. Whether dining alone or with family and friends, the KFC Thursday Special is worth taking advantage of for a tasty and budget-friendly meal.

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